About R_Tom_Sizemore_III

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I'm a life-long photographer. I started with an Argus C-3 and black & white film back around 1963. Now I'm using a Nikon D850, a 'full spectrum' converted Nikon D750, and digital Hasselblad medium format. I am a retired ophthalmologist (eye surgeon) and a US Navy veteran, having retired as a Captain from the US Navy Medical Corps.

I'm no longer in clinical practice. After living on both coasts of the USA, Hawaii, Guam, and London – I’ve settled in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Furthermore, I’ve exchanged ‘patients’ for ‘photography subjects’!

I am drawn to landscapes, nature, abandoned buildings and photography experimentation.

I still love the ‘science’ of light; noticeable in my photos in that there is experimentation with various high dynamic range (HDR) images, sunlight, reflections, focal depth, focus stacking, vintage lenses, and software.